DB Cable

DB Cable

This cable is DB cable series.


Regular DB15 Cables are used to transmit sounds, data and signals. However, according to our customer’s requests, we are able to customize alternative wire harness for customers for video transmission. In these instances, we are able to use a cable which combines twisted pairs of coaxial cables to ensure high-quality signal transmission between monitors and VGA splitters or graphics cards.

Because DB Cables are most commonly used for devices, our customers often require more hole sites on the wire harness in order to perform more specific functions such as glue injection and pressure. Therefore, we would recommend DB25 and DB37 in such scenarios.


Connectors for Selection: 

Male Connector: DB9/DB15/DB25/DB37

Female Connector: DB9/DB15/DB25/DB37

Certificates: RoHS, REACH, UL approved

Use: Transmitting Video Graphics, Sounds and Data between devices.



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Question: I want to order a 7 pin trailer plug.

Answer: We do not sell any plugs.


Question: I want to order a stock trailer wiring harness.

Answer: We do not have any stock products for sell.


Question: I want to order a customized wiring ahrness.

Answer: Our minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.


Question: I know what I want, but don't know how to customize the details of the cables or PCBA.

Answer: Please contact us so we can let the technology team know your demand.


Question: I would like to customize my wiring harness with Molex/TE connectors and terminals, can you do it for me?

Answer: Yes, we can help buy imported parts then assemble them.


Question: If I place the order, how long will I receive the sample and the batch order?

Answer: It usually takes 2-4 weeks for a sample order and 4-6 weeks for a batch order. When the package is ready, it usually takes 1 weeks by air or 2-4 weeks by ocean from China to your destination.


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